Friday Features! {July 29, 2011}

I am so excited to have MORE blog friends to feature today! All of these bloggers have been invaluable in spreading the word about the “Heart Against Hunger” virtual food drive. Thank you for raising awareness of childhood hunger! Also, thank you to everyone who has donated, and please continue to spread the word! If you would like to be featured here, please just take one of the “Hearts Against Hunger” buttons from the sidebar and add it to your blog. You can also share the link on Facebook, Twitter, and/or write a blog post — all to raise awareness of childhood hunger!

Please be sure to email me — Melanie (at) OnlyABreath (dot) com — so I will know that you want to be involved, and so I can feature YOUR blog here! Thank you!

Can you donate only $1 to help us reach our goal of $1500? That will provide over TEN THOUSAND meals! I’m praying and trusting that we can do it together!

I have several more blogs to feature, and will be featuring each blog in an upcoming post. If YOU would like to have your blog featured here, please just grab the “Hearts Against Hunger” button from the sidebar and spread the word about the virtual food drive. Then, email me to let me know and I will feature you too!

Scribbles From Emily

I just LOVE that Emily chose to create her very first vlog (video blog) to share about “Hearts Against Hunger”! I think he story of the little boy who came to her door demonstrates that there are hungry mouths very close to home! We may not even realize all of the needs that others have. I pray that God will give us His eyes to see how we can show His love.

Emily’s “theme verse” for her blog is one of my favorites: “But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.” ~ 2 Corinthians 4:7. She writes that her blog’s purpose is “to find beauty in everyday”. I know you will be encouraged by her writing! Please drop by and tell her hello!


Keeping Up With The Rheinlanders

Welcome to Melissa of “Keeping Up With The Rheinlanders”! If you love giveaways and fun reviews, you will really enjoy “Keeping Up With The Rheinlanders’! I was so thrilled to see that she had shared about “Hearts Against Hunger” with her readers — thank you! They are a precious family (as you can tell from the photo above!). Hurry over now for your chance to win $25.00 PayPal cash or Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace, Jr. for Kids!


This Momma Rambles

Wendy writes at “This Momma Rambles” an as a teacher, she says that childhood hunger is an issue that she’s all too familiar with. In her words — “heartbreaking”. I love her heart and her family (and cute son!) is absolutely PRECIOUS! I know how strange it felt when I first started blogging, and since Wendy is a new blogger, I know she would love for you to stop by and introduce yourself! Please show her all the encouragement y’all have shown me! :-) Thank you, Wendy! I look forward to learning more about you and your sweet family… And this post on “Mommy Guilt” — yeah, I’m with you, girlfriend. You’re not alone, and He cares. Praying for you today.


Beautiful Mommy Feet

I have been SO blessed to meet Melissa from Beautiful Mommy Feet! She has already been such a blessing and encouragement to me! Melissa describes her blog so beautifully:
Beautiful Mommy Feet is an over flow of my heart. Everything that God is teaching me. I don’t write about me. There’s not much cool there. Nothing much to brag about or report.  My kids are super cute and precious but if I have a moment of anyone’s time I want to share Jesus!
I am a stay at home mom. The things the Lord is teaching me I cannot keep to myself. It’s like a fire in my heart! I started writing in a closed group on Facebook, called Jer. 20:9.  As I became more comfortable I allowed the group to grow. Until I just jumped and said Lord You take care of it from here. I can’t keep what You’re teaching me a secret.
Even though my blog is young (3 mos old) It thrills my heart to see viewers from all over the world hearing the Good News. My ultimate hearts desire is to be a Missionary in my every action, word or deed.   All over Danville, Ky and through my blog – All over the world! 
Welcome Melissa! Please stop by and read her beautiful posts! You will be so encouraged!

I truly want to sincerely thank each of you for being such a blessing to me, and for raising awareness of childhood hunger!

I have MANY more blogs to feature — PRAISE THE LORD!!!! He is working in a great way through you! :-) If your blog is not on this week’s feature, please keep an eye out for next week because you might see….. YOU!

More blogs to come…. (and hopefully YOURS!) :-)

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  • MSRheinlander

    Thanks so much for featuring us : )

  • Emily Joyce

    Thank you so much for your kind words, Melanie, and the chance to be a part of this!

  • Wendy

    Wow! Thank you SO much for you kind words and for featuring the blog! I’m honored to be a part of this great campaign!

  • Melissa Bradley

    I am excited to hop on board and help! Can’t wait to see what happens, and thank you for your kind words!