DVD Storage – Works for Me Wednesday!

Works For Me Wednesday at We Are That Family - DVD StorageToday, I am linking up with Works for Me Wednesday to share my favorite way to store DVD’s! DVD’s can take up tons of space and can be very hard to keep organized, neat, and visible so that everyone can make a selection without having to sort through tons of boxes.

… and I get a little nutty when I have to dig through piles of boxes…

So, I found the greatest invention on QVC and had to share it with you! I know you may be a little skeptical about buying from a home shopping channel, but I am telling you that these are wonderful!

Here is a photo of how just a few of our DVD’s looked before (stashed away in a cabinet and impossible to look through neatly):

DVD Storage Solutions

These are just a *FEW* of the DVD boxes before...

 So I ordered a “Discgear Selector 100″ from QVC (also available at Amazon and less expensive there) and LOVE it! In fact, I ordered two more — one for more DVD’s and one to hold Wii games in order to prevent them from getting scratched.

The DVD holder is numbered and labeled at the bottom. Before you place a DVD in the holder, just take a marker and write the slot number on the DVD so that you can keep up with where it goes after you watch it.

Next, enter the DVD title online (or just write it) next to the slot number on a printable index. The index goes in a pull-out tray under the DVD holder. Finally, remove the cover design from the original DVD case and place it into a catalog that comes with the DVD Selector. This allows your children to look through the covers easily and decide on a DVD to watch without scattering the actual DVD’s everywhere.

Catalog containing original DVD covers... (Each page has a sticker that tells the slot number of each DVD)

That’s all there is to it! DVD’s are put away neatly, easily accessible, but not at the risk of being scratched. We have had our DVD Selectors for at least a couple of years and they still look brand new!

Look how neatly the DVD's are stored now!!!! This holds 100 DVD's!

DVD Storage DiscGear Selector 100 from QVC

Goodbye messy DVD cases!!!

 This is the DVD storage that “works for me”!

Where is your biggest problem area with storage?