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They’re heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FREE “One Word” blog buttons for 2013!

What’s this all about, you ask? Alece at had a great idea to come up with One Word to really shape your upcoming year. Rather than a huge list of resolutions, this One Word becomes a theme about where you are focusing in 2013. I love how she describes it:

What do you want to focus on in 2013?

It can be something tangible or intangible. It can be a thought, a feeling, an action, or a character trait. Your word will be a reminder, a nudge. Something you can reflect on, that will challenge you, that will inspire you.

Your word can be anything you want it to be. All that matters is that it has personal meaning for you.

This is your word. It needs to resonate with your heart, no one else’s.

~ One Word 365

In 2012, my One Word was “Give”. In my introductory post, I shared how I actually had chosen a different word and then felt God leading me to focus on giving. So, my One Word for 2012 has been “Give”. Sweet friends, it has been life-changing, and that is no exaggeration! I have given more this year (time, materially, talents, etc.) than any other year, and as a result, I have been incredibly blessed in so many ways. I am just amazed at how focusing on giving has changed my heart — because I am NOT a giving person just by nature.

So, …………….. join me?

Last year, I offered to make FREE One Word blog buttons (thinking that maybe 10 people would want them). I made over 250 FREE buttons!!!! TWO HUNDRED FIFTY.


To say I was absolutely shocked is an understatement! …. and I had so much fun!!!

Let’s do it again! Are you joining in with your “One Word” for 2013? Need some time to think it over?

When you decide what your “One Word” is, I would love to make a button for you!



About the design:

This design was created to symbolize our daily focus around each “theme” word. Each dot represents days as the year passes and the steps we make to incorporate the “One Word” into our lives. At the beginning of the year, each step might be small and farther between (like the dots at the top)… then as the year progresses, each step becomes larger until they start to just blur together… and the “One Word” becomes part of all we do, incorporated into each day as a habit we have each cultivated.

To Request a FREE One Word Button:

To request a free “One Word” button, please send me an email at Melanie (at) OnlyABreath (dot) com. (Please do **not** request a button in a comment on this post because it’s hard for me to keep up with which ones have been done and that I still need to do — I learned that the hard way last year!) :)
IMPORTANT — In your request, please specify:

  • Your “One Word”
  • Whether you are choosing the white or black design
  • Your Blog URL (so that I can match up the colors)

After your button is done, I will send you two sizes (500px x 500 px that you can use in a blog post) and (150px x 150 px for your sidebar). These will not include HTML “grab code” but you can create a free photobucket account to upload your own images and grab the HTML code.

Thank you for your patiencethese will be done soon, I promise — but I would also like to spend Christmas with my family, and not with my computer :) So, I appreciate your patience.

…. and I had several people who wanted to pay me last year. Truly, no payment is desired. It blesses me to share these with you.

Please feel free to share this offer with your blog readers! I will be happy to make them for anyone — bloggers, non-bloggers, strangers on the street :) I’m not picky!

However, if you would like to do something extra special, might I humbly suggest “sharing” this post on twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, blog post and subscribing to Only a Breath by email? This is not required at all, but I would love to have you join me here! I love giving out freebies — and have another one coming very SOON!

Merry Christmas!

… oh, and I have NO idea what my One Word will be this year! :)

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  1. this is SO sweet of you to do!!!!

    thanks so much <3

  2. We so appreciate your generosity in doing this!! My “one word” came to me last week and the more I mulled it over, the more I am convinced it is the right one. Yay! Thank you!

  3. I had a word last year but didn’t do a button. I’ve been contemplating 2013′s word for a few months. I’m so excited! Thank you!!!!

  4. You are so awesome! Love this year’s design. I loved my button last year and lately I have been thinking about my word for 2013. There are 2 words that keep coming up in messages, scripture, songs, and even conversations. I will email you as soon as I know which it is!! Thanks again for sharing!

  5. Thank you, Melanie. You are an inspiration and blessing! God has already given me my word. Will e-mail you.

  6. I love this year’s design!! God gave me a word over Thanksgiving and I can’t wait to see it grow in 2013!! :) sending you an email now!! :) Thank you for this gift to us!

  7. I’ve been praying a lot about what my one word should be for 2013. When I figure it out, I’ll definitely be contacting you! Thanks for doing this!!!

  8. Yes!! I will definitely share! And thank you so, so much!!

  9. I know you said not to leave the word in the comments, but I would sure love to hear what people are choosing! Perhaps people could leave their word in the comments just for me? And go ahead and email you? Or maybe you could do a follow up post with a list of the words people chose last year?

  10. From one Southern gal to another, I think this is just the sweetest thing of you to do! I would love to do this–might help me feel more hopeful about the upcoming year. I’m definitely subscribing and will share this around and email you!

  11. I loved my button you made last year and I’m thinking about this year’s. It made a huge impact on my life. At the end of the month I’m posting about it on my blog, and I will link up to you!

  12. You ROCK! Would a Blackbird pastry be acceptable payment. I’m here til the 31st. :). I don’t have a word either. YET!

  13. YOU ROCK MELANIE! Thank you for such an amazing gift. I plan to tweet and put your button on Pinterest.

  14. YAY!!!!

  15. What a wonderful idea! I just found your site. It’s beautiful. And now I am going over to look at your design site!

    Nice to meet you!

  16. Wow!!! So generous of you to do this!! This year was the first time I ever had a word…but what an eye opener. Can’t wait to add this years to my blog!

  17. Love you Melanie. You are very giving!!! I can’t wait to figure out my one word!! Will definitely share!!!

  18. This is a beautifully generous thing for you do. Thank you. I am still praying over my word although I think I know what it is.

  19. I am guessing this is based on the One Word website. I did it last year, but was rather disappointed that there were not more blog posts on how to help incorporate your word into your life. Maybe you could do some posts on that through out the year.

    Last year, I didn’t have a button because well I didn’t know about your site. Put I chose the word Perseverance. But I don’t think I made as many changes as I could have if something would have redirected my attention back to it throughout the year. But there was still growth.

    I haven’t decided on my word yet this year. I was thinking about either Submission or Boundaries. But I am not certain yet. God may reveal something else in the coming weeks.

  20. Thanks so much for doing this, Melanie! I’ve never done a “one word” before, but I’m thinking about doing one this year. If I do, I’ll contact you about a button! Thanks so much for the offer!

  21. Thank you so much for this! I am so excited to start with my One Word on my new website rolling out in January! This is such a blessing and I appreciate it!

  22. Thank you SO much for my beautiful One Word Button! What you are doing is fabulous!

    I shared your offer at this week’s Inspire Me Monday party at Create With Joy and will be unveiling my One Word, along with a link up, on New Year’s Eve!

    Happy New Year to you!

    Create With Joy

  23. Thank you so much for doing this! =)
    You are so sweet!

    Im following you on Twitter, and I shared this post link on my Twitter page. =)

    Happy New Year!

  24. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :O)

  25. This is very kind of you to do. I am going to send you an email and I will be happy to subscribe and promote your blog.

  26. What a wonderful idea! Thank you so much Melanie for offering to do this. Sorry I saw this so late and I hope there’s still time to make one for me. Sent you an email.

  27. Hi Melanie,

    Debbie directed me over here; what a generous thing for you to do! I will send you an email and I am happy to subscribe to your blog. :)

    Blessings and joy!

  28. I shared it on Facebook for the “66 Books in a Year” readers. Thank you for doing this, Melanie!

  29. What a generous offer. I am excited to be a part of MyOneWord in 2013. I absolutely believe it will be life changing, as you have expressed. After praying about it, I too was kind of shocked and not so fond of my word. I will be sending you my information via email. Thanks again.

  30. Hi,
    I’m not a blogger, but appreciate this idea. I believe God is going to help me focus because of “One Word”. The word I’ve chosen is “WAIT”
    Momma D

  31. I LOVE the design of your one word button! How wonderful and sweet and serving and giving of you to do this for everyone! Thank you so very very much. ^_^

  32. Thank you for offering this!!

  33. Thanks so much!

  34. Hi melanie…this is SO generous of you to offer! I’m excited for you to design a button for me as this is my first time to partipate in the oneword365. Thanks again! (and I sent you an email with the info you requested).

  35. Thank you SO much! Your post just touched my heart in ways I cannot describe! I have a ‘word of the year’ every year and just finished a blog post last night for this week and am so glad I didn’t launch it yet! This is exactly how I feel I go through-out my year – with a ‘word’ as my manna :) I would so love to be part of the challenge, too, and will send an email with my word of “Simplicity” :)


  36. What a truly generous gift! I would LOVE a button. I have been reading about everyone’s one words and I think I have (two weeks into the new year) finally discovered my word for 2013: Peace.

    I would be so grateful if you would make me a button.

    Upon receiving it, I’m happy to link back to this post and your beautiful blog.

    Thank you!!

  37. Oops. Forgot to indicate if I wanted the white or black. I prefer the white. Thanks, again!


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