Top 10 Posts from 2013 (and what’s “grits” got to do with it?)


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On this last day of 2013, I am thinking about all of you. Your comments, emails, and visits have meant the world to me. I look back over the past year as if we were all able to have occasional chats on my front porch, just talking and laughing as friends, in between some heart-deep conversations.

You know?

So, thank you. I wish you many blessings in the new year!

… and just for fun, because I’m type A and love evaluating numbers and facts — here are the top 10 posts y’all shared this year! (And thank you! You know that sharing is caring, right?) ;)

1.  A Letter to the Teacher — Oh. My. Goodness. I had no idea how widely this post would be shared, or I would have edited it! ;) I just wish I could do this again!!! Ha!

2. 101 Fun Things to Do This Fall — an oldie but a goodie! We love us some fall! :)

3. Seems Like Jesus had a lot to Say about Equality — my response to the gay marriage debate.

4. Super Easy Hot Pineapple Casserole Recipe — I make this EVERY holiday and people still LOVE it! You must try this recipe!

5. 101 Tips for Working Moms — Help for Moms Struggling with Juggling Work and Home — my heart is to encourage all women, and most of these tips can be applied to ALL busy moms!

6. Because Sometimes Words Need to be Buried Under Cow Poop — After a bully spewed hateful words to my son, this mama bear had to speak up about it…

7. Free One Year Weekly Bible Reading Plan and Printable Bookmarks — This is a great resource to use as you start the new year!

8. The #1 Secret in the Church — any guesses? Yep, I bet you’re right…

9. Country Crock Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas — some great yummy recipes!

10. I Know You Want it… Oh, Sweet Miley — After Miley Cyrus’ much-discussed VMA performance, I just kept thinking this…


I also learned that these are the top keyword search terms that led to my blog this year:

  1. things to do in the fall
  2. how to be a southern belle
  3. things to do in fall
  4. fun things to do in the fall
  5. e meals clean eating
  6. only a breath
  7. printable bible reading plans
  8. things to do in autumn
  9. fun things to do in fall
  10. erin condren coupon

And now, just because I got such a kick out of it…. the prize for the funniest search term leading to my blog:


Ha! Do I really say that?!?!?!

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