Wise Decor ~ Decorative Wall Lettering Giveaway!

As many of you know, our family is in the middle of a very exciting time — we are building a new home! We built our current home, and quite honestly, I don’t remember being as excited about the process because I was nine months pregnant with our first son. ;) We’ll just say I was a little pre-occupied with things besides wall colors.

However, in the home we are building now, I am having SO. MUCH. FUN. choosing every single detail! My current home is painted in overall very neutral colors with very little personality in the décor. I reasoned that with boys, why bother with decorative, beautiful details? They won’t really notice anyway.

But do you know what I’ve learned?

Décor DOES matter. It’s not frivolous or wasteful because my home should feel like “home”. When my family comes home from a long day at work or school, I really want our home to be the place where they let our a long deep breathe and relax. Our home is our little protective bubble from the outside craziness of life.

I want my home to be peaceful, welcoming, inspiring, and safe.

Wise Décor offers beautiful wall decals for your home, and I am definitely using them in my new home. I have ordered one of their designs in the past and loved how quick and easy it was to put on the walls. Later, when we decided to change our wall color, the design peeled off in minutes (using tweezers) and left absolutely no residue or markings on the wall. It’s an amazing way to enhance your décor without spending a ton of time or money!

The hardest part is just choosing which ones to order! I want them all! I’m hoping you will help me choose some décor for my walls, and in exchange, one of you will win your very own $50 gift certificate to Wise Décor! How great is that?!

Please help me narrow down the choices! So far, I’ve only selected three hundred designs I like! ;)

I really love the “Dream and Hope” wall quotes. These would be perfect in an office, family room, or even a child’s room. There are SO many beautiful ones ( like “Dreams are whispers from your soul”). I can’t even read through them all without tearing up!

I’m leaning towards the Scripture and Prayers wall quotes the most. I love the idea of displaying scripture all over our home as a constant reminder of God’s love and wisdom.

… for my son Jeremiah’s room, I’m thinking of displaying a reminder of why he was given his name or maybe, a reminder of the love of Christ…

(His wall will be a beautiful sea blue, and I love that the Wise Décor site lets you change the background and wall lettering to get a live preview of color options!)


Jeremiah 29:11

My office wall will be light pink (YES — I’m going for it! This home will definitely look more like US!) so as I nod to my hero, I am thinking of getting this beautiful reminder:


Of course, I have to incorporate one of these very popular (Scriptural) family rules designs! (See how hard these decisions are?! ;) I love them all!)

Scripture House Family Rules

Wise Décor has many more design ideas for kitchens, bedrooms, family rooms, and more!


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  1. says

    By the time I got back over here from the website I forgot the saying, but I think it was something like: Home is where family begins? Anyway, I like many of them!! Will be difficult to choose I’m sure!

  2. Jennifer H says

    I love the quote at wisedecor : You are the star for which all evenings wait. Would love to hang that above my son’s bed!