Here’s the Deal… Pickle.


Okay, that title has absolutely nothing to do with anything. I just felt like it summed up all of the randomness swirling in my head… about blogging, branding, being a mom, and a little bit about the prophet Jeremiah thrown in. And maybe I’m hungry for pickles. But I’m not pregnant. Anyhoo…. Blogging is a… 

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How to Get Free Books as a Blogger!


One of my favorite “perks” of blogging is receiving free books for review! There are several different websites where bloggers can sign up to receive free books in exchange for a blog post containing an honest review. If you are a blogger and enjoy reading, I encourage you to check out these websites! psst… even if you… 

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How to Make Money Blogging


Why Monetize? Let me start off by saying, making money is NOT my primary motivation for my blog. Many people who don’t blog don’t realize that it actually costs me money to have this blog (website hosting fees per month, yearly domain registration, blog designs — which is why I started learning how to do it… 

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Blogger Love and Hate Mail


I don’t know what it is about the internet that sometimes brings out the cranky in people. It just amazes me that things that we would never say to one another in person are so freely written in emails, blog comments, and instant messages. It’s so easy to be “brave” and careless with our words… 

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