Devotions for Beginning Readers {GIVEAWAY!}


“What are you doing, Mommy? Reading your Bible?” I looked up from my Bible to see big blue eyes inquisitively staring into mine. My 6-year-old, Jeremiah, waited patiently for me to answer. I was surprised he had noticed me. Normally, I try to read my Bible after my children are in bed, but thought I […]



My heart weighs heavy tonight. Unfortunately, I’m not a race expert. I’m not a legal expert. I’m not a law enforcement expert. I wish I had a revolutionary solution, but sadly, I do not. I have no magic answers to solve the problems so many face tonight, on both sides of arguments that rage on. […]

When You Are Searching for Home…


I think this restlessness started with selling my home. I don’t yet feel at home in my new home, but my old home is no longer mine either. As soon as we finalized the home sell, I smiled brightly and shook the hands of the new owners. We parted over a mound of legal documents and […]

Please help me dedicate my blog space?


  So first, an apology. I’m so sorry that I left you stranded in the middle of our series! I have discovered something very important, and I wasn’t actually going to share this in the post, but we’re friends, right? Deep breath. I don’t mean to scare you, but when you start really digging into […]