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I’m a geeky girl who is trying to stay healthy! As a busy working mom, I know my health is important. However, since I’m a software developer, I’m tied to my desk for several hours a day. Combining health with technology is a WIN-WIN for me! It’s fun and easy to do!

How good are you at making healthy choices? Is it easy for you to self-motivate? I have to admit that my heart wants to make healthy choices, but my body… well, it really likes to read books on the couch. I’m much better at exercising my mind than exercising my legs.

Anyone else?

I recently purchased a Jawbone Up24 (review coming soon!) and have really been enjoying using it. For several years, I have tried to motivate myself to get more exercise. I wore a pedometer hoping to hit a “step goal” everyday, but honestly found it hard to stay excited about it. My goal of 10000 steps per day seemed really exciting on January 1st as I started my “New Years Resolution”. However, as the days went along…. I found myself less and less motivated.

After all, if I missed my goal, who would know about it besides me?

… and if I achieved my goal, what reward would I get?

Now, I know that being healthy is, in fact, its own reward. Having a strong heart, lungs that are clear, and lots of energy allows me to take care of my family. It’s important! So often we (especially moms) let our own health go because we are so busy caring for everyone else. So, please, make your own health a priority!

… and make it FUN!!!

I don’t know about you, but I do so much better achieving a goal if I actually get a tangible, physical, valuable REWARD! Are you like that?

I’ve been using the free Walgreens Balance Rewards app on my phone for quite a while because I love their clip-free coupons (I even wrote about them here!). It’s easy to refill my prescriptions, make a shopping list, access my Balance rewards, and (of course!!) clip coupons to my phone.

However, I just discovered the BEST part of the app!!!

BR for healthy choices

Do you see the red circle by the arrow? BR for healthy choices, my friends, is a great way to get actual, physical, tangible, valuable, rewards for healthy choices! Balance Rewards for healthy choices feature helps keep me accountable and makes living a healthy life easy by setting health goals, tracking progress, and connecting my devices.

I love this idea so much — and it’s so easy!

First, connect your favorite fitness device to your Walgreens Balance Rewards account. They support many different devices: FitBit Flex, FitBit Zip, iHealth, Jawbone Up 24, and MANY more. Then, the app automatically receives information about your healthy choices!!! You can set health goals for the amount of walking you want to do each day and much more! The best thing is, when you make healthy choices like walking a certain number of steps, you earn points that you can spend on Walgreens merchandise!


After you initially connect your device, you don’t have to do ANYTHING else to keep track of your numbers. All you have to do is make healthy choices and think about how you are going to spend all of your reward points!

It’s really easy to earn points — you can get points for walking, running or biking, tracking your weight, and tracking blood pressure or blood glucose numbers

Think about all of the great items you could get when you redeem your reward points — a new water bottle, running shoe insoles, energy bars, sports drinks, etc. You will have a physical reminder of all of the healthy choices you have been making. In turn, you will be motivated to do even MORE!


Now, I’m not discouraging you from getting lots of health and fitness products, but………… if you see me in Walgreens, I’ll be spending my rewards at a certain aisle. Any guesses????



It’s super easy to register and get started tracking your progess TODAY! Balance Rewards not only makes you aware of the healthy choices you are making but also rewards you for your healthy activity. Get connected to get rewarded!!!


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