The Bible Is Alive


  Hi friend! This post is part of my 31 Day blog series on How to (Really, truly, enthusiastically!) ENJOY reading the Bible. To see all posts in the series, please click HERE. Thank you!  

Here’s a Great Reason to KEEP LOOKING at Your Smartphone


  I know we often talk about how people are constantly on their smartphone — looking at it, texting, bumping into walls because they are not watching where they’re going… oh, that’s just me? Um, well that is embarrassing. Anyhoo. Maybe they are looking at their smartphones  because they are enjoying reading the Bible on […]

I LOOOOOVE This Bible!


The first time I read this Bible, I was AMAZED! Oh my goodness, gracious. I am so excited to tell you about this. Okay, here’s the thing for me. Sometimes Bible passages confuse me. I am not a Bible scholar. I’ve never attended a Christian school. So, for instance, when I read the Psalms — […]

One Year Bible {and GIVEAWAY!}


The first time I successfully read the Bible completely through, I used a translation I had been hearing about, but had never tried. I have always read the King James Version of the Bible, and all of the Bible verses I had ever memorized were from that translation. However, I started to have a problem […]

Let’s Make a Game Plan!

Tips to help you enjoy Bible reading

As many of you know, my husband and I just built a home. Well, WE didn’t build it. Some VERY talented and hard-working construction professionals built it. However, my job was coming up with the plan. I scoured the internet, books, and magazines to find the perfect house plan for our family. One website boasted […]

Where is the Best Place to Study the Bible?

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  For many years, I thought that reading the Bible was dry and boring. I would change into my comfy flannel pajamas, turn down the lights, flip on my bedside lamp, pull back the quilt on my bed, rest my head back on my soft pillow, and tuck the covers around me like a little cocoon. […]

Why I NEVER Read My Bible in the Morning

Tips to help you enjoy Bible reading

  Dear morning people, I love you. I really do. Please don’t be mad at me for this post. Love, Me.   My alarm clock goes off at 5:30 am. I jump out of bed, get myself ready for work, get two kids ready for school, fix breakfasts, fill water bottles, pack lunches (if they […]